Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hard to Pleased Man

This one man is... well let's call him my boss.
Since the very beginning I lived around him, he's been so hard to understand yet to pleased.
Almost about anything. My job, my achievement, ... my life.....

For every assignment there was this one sentence he said: "I don't think you can do it."

Well, why on earth you ask me to do it then.

followed by: "See.. I don't think you did it seriously. Have you use your brain?", when I gave him my work.

At that situation I melt down, off course.. and made my mind not to work with him, a n y m o r e.

I could see a wide opportunity, for not having him as the boss.

But in a wicked way.. I never did walk away.

Although he never said compliment.
and looked down at what I did.

That I keep followed this 'hard to pleased man'.

Maybe because we're genetically connected.